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Mathieu Gorge is the CEO and founder of VigiTrust, a cybersecurity company with clients in 120 countries. Mathieu has over 20 years of IT security and risk management experience and is much-sought after for his expertise. As an authority on cybersecurity solutions, he has been asked to speak at conferences including RSA, ISSA and ISACA. Mathieu is a prominent member of the international cybersecurity community—due to VigiTrust’s continued success as well as its 5 Pillars of Security Framework™— and serves as president and chief security officer of the French Irish Chamber of Commerce. He previously served as the chairman of Infosecurity Ireland and was an official reviewer for ANSI.

He is a frequent moderator and speaker at security events organized by ISACA and ISSA (Global Web Conference Committee). Mathieu has been involved in extensive security research and collaborative programs, including risk assessment and management, payment card security, secure printing, and data storage and archiving.

Mathieu has more than 15 years of experience in payment security, and works closely with the PCI Council in the US and EU. He is a renowned expert in  PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, VRM, and ISO 27001.

Mathieu is a frequent contributor to ComputerWeekly, TechTarget’ and, ISACA, Computer Fraud & Security, SC Magazine, ISSA Journal, and many other security and compliance blogs and newsletters.

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Mathieu Gorge

Other Noteworthy Distinctions

  • Vigitrust logo

    Chairman, VigiTrust Global Advisory Board

    Mathieu’s role is to drive the strategy of the board, organize the team structure at the global level, and select themes, research areas and recruitment strategy. He works with Regional Advisory Board Ambassadors to drive initiatives for each region. The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board is a group of 150+ senior risk and compliance professionals, CEOs, CxOs, chief security officers, chief risk officers, security researchers, law enforcement, regulators, academics, and distinguished invited guests. It comprises several chapters (regional groups) and is by invitation only. The annual meeting covers several themes, including the risk areas that members collectively work to address, like Strategic Geopolitical Risk, Financial/Operational/Contractual Risk, Reputational/Brand Management/QA Risk, and, of course, Cybersecurity and Compliance Risks including ICT, IP, and DR/BC.

  • CCI France International logo

    France Ireland Chamber of Commerce

    • Immediate Past President & Executive Council Member, C0-Chair of ICT Working Group – 2020-present
    • President & Executive Council Member – 2017-2019
    • Vice-President and Executive Council Member – 2015-2017
    • Director & Executive Council Member – 2013-2015
    • Director since 2008
  • CCEF logo

    Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur Français – French Trade Commissionner (CCEF)

    • 2014 – present
    • 2020- Appointed as Vice President of the CCEF Irish section

    Appointed by the French Government, French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCEF) are at the heart of international markets and aware of the full range of international business risks. This role helps shape French trade policy and involves providing the government with recommendations, sponsorship of small companies in their international expansion and educating young people about international trade careers.

  • ISSA logo

    ISSA Web Conference Committee

    Mathieu has worked with the Global ISSA Web Conference Committee since 2011.  In this role, he collaborates with a group of distinguished security and compliance professionals to craft and implement educational web conferences. This includes selecting themes and recruiting international speakers and moderators.

  • ISI logo

    ISI – Infosecurity Ireland

    Mathieu is a founding member and acting chairman of InfoSecurity Ireland, the body set up by the Irish Government (through Enterprise Ireland) to promote Ireland Inc as a center of expertise for security on the global scene. He represents InfoSecurity Ireland at national and international events and lobbies for the appointment of a CSO for Ireland.

  • Computer Weekly- TechTarget logo

    TechTarget – ComputerWeekly

    Mathieu has been a content contributor since 2009, covering storage and compliance topics, participating in podcasts, and reporting on storage/compliance news at key industry events such as RSA Conference.

Awards and Recognitions

  • The Lawyer International Legal 100 2021 Winner - Mathieu Gorge
    Lawyer International

    Best IT Security & Risk Management Business Leader 2021

    Presented to Mathieu Gorge
  • The 10 Most Innovative Business Leaders Revamping the Future 2021

    The 10 Most Innovative Business Leaders Revamping the Future 2021

    Presented to Mathieu Gorge
  • AI Cyber Security Awards logo
    Acquisition International

    Cyber Security Awards 2020

    Presented to VigiTrust
  • AI Cyber Security Awards logo
    AI Global

    Best Information Security Compliance Management Platform 2020

    Presented to VigiTrust
  • insightssuccess-logo
    Insight Success

    Visionary Leaders at Forefront Of Entrepreneurship 2020

    Presented to Mathieu Gorge
  • corporate vision logo
    Corporate Vision Magazine

    Corporate Vision Awards 2020

    Presented to Mathieu Gorge
  • kmh media group logo
    KMH Media Group

    Most Innovative GRC Solutions Provider 2020 - Dublin, Ireland

    Presented to VigiTrust
  • kmh media group logo
    Best Provider for the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Market - Global

    KMH Media Group / Global 100 - 2020 edition

    Presented to VigiTrust

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